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CVadvantage offers a range of affordable CV writing, cover letters services and ancillary support to help all job seekers.

As your career progresses your technical knowledge increases, experience broadens, skills and competencies become more diverse and achievements more significant. The intensity of the job market at the moment means it becomes increasingly important to reflect your success in a professional manner and to pitch yourself appropriately in line with your background and future aspirations. You must differentiate yourself from others through a demonstrable advantage and this is where the skill of the professional CV writer is invaluable.

CV Services with Free Face-to-Face Consultancy

CVadvantage bases its services and costs upon our experience of the amount of interactive consultation time with clients and the time required to write a professional CV of the highest quality that is as unique as you are. Conducting interactive CV consultancy by telephone is highly effective, but as a Cheshire-based CV writing service we offer an unparalleled opportunity for the ultimate in customer service - a free face-to-face CV consultation if you select our CVadvantage Pinnacle or CVadvantage Plus+ service and you live in one of the following areas in the North West:

  • Chester
  • Cheshire
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Merseyside
  • North Wales

Furthermore, if you select the CVadvantage Classic service we will offer free face-to-face consultancy if you live in the Chester area – and for those who live further afield we will gladly offer face-to-face consultations for a very small additional charge.

How our CV writing process works:

1. Go to the Contact Us page and send your current CV to us (whatever shape it’s in) or, if you don’t have one, we can email a CV questionnaire to you for completion and return.

2. We’ll contact you to arrange a consultation with your CV writer at a time that is convenient to you. At this point you order the appropriate CV service or CV services required. If you are unsure of your requirements please just ask us and we’ll be happy to help.

We accept all major debit and credit cards securely via PayPal and your banking details are never passed on to us.

3. Once your payment is received we will commence the consultation process and write a CV of the highest quality to your bespoke requirements. Our aim is always to complete the whole process within 5 working days - often more quickly. You are welcome to have an input into the CV writing process if you wish as we feel it is important for you to retain ownership of the document.

4. When you are happy with the final draft we will email the finished CV to you in Word or PDF format.


We offer the following CV services: 

CVadvantage Free Assessment Free  

We will review your current CV completely free of charge and without obligation. Simply email your CV in Word or PDF format to: Free CV Assessment

CVadvantage Re-Modelling £69

Available to anyone. We will review your existing CV and re-master it based upon the information you provide. We will enhance aesthetic presentation of material; grammar; spelling; logical assembly and flow of data and information to assist employers and recruiters; skills and achievements. Virtually every CV we see fails on one or more of these points and if yours is in this category you are unlikely to attain an interview. Give yourself an advantage and have it re-mastered professionally.
(Please note that we do not offer interactive consultancy with this service)

CVadvantage Classic £139

A fully hand-crafted CV for those targeting earnings up to £40,000 p.a. Includes up to 1 hour of interactive face-to-face consultancy.

CVadvantage Plus + £199

A fully hand-crafted CV for those targeting earnings of £40,000 - £59,000 p.a. Includes up to 2 hours interactive face-to-face consultancy.

CVadvantage Pinnacle £299

A fully hand-crafted CV for those targeting earnings of £60,000+. Includes extensive interactive face-to-face consultancy of up to 3 hours.

CVadvantage Bespoke Cover Letters £35

Fully personalised cover letters for those whose CVs have been written by us.

CVadvantage LinkedIn Profiles £105

A complete re-mastering of your LinkedIn Profile based on the bespoke CV we have created for you – to create an enhanced and consistent professional image.

CVadvantage Consultancy Services £35

If you wish to benefit from additional interactive CV consultancy with your CV writer over and above our normal CV services. (For each extra hour or part thereof)

Free CV Assessment Service no obligation

Interview-winning bespoke CVs and Cover Letters

Competitively priced, value-for-money CV services

Comprehensive face-to-face consultations

Extensive CV writing experience

LinkedIn Profile creation/re-mastering